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Windows Users and Files that Are Slow To Open

The Gray-X feature allows Windows users to determine if a file is not stored in their local node's disk cache, and therefore will take some time to open. This feature is especially useful if the user is working with large files that are not frequently accessed and therefore might not be in the local disk cache. This feature is available only on Windows.

When you open a folder in Windows File Explorer, the node determines whether all file blocks are resident locally in cache. If any blocks are missing from cache, a gray X is displayed in the File Explorer window.

Gray-X is disabled by default. When enabled, the Gray-X status is displayed in the Window Explorer file listing.

Enable or disable the Gray-X feature:

  1. Log in to the admin UI to the node, and open the Maintenance tab.
  2. Under Diagnostic Tools, select smb-add-gcfg and do either of the following:
  • To enable the Gray-x feature, enter the value pz_replock check blocks = yes and click Run.
  • To disable the Gray-X feature, enter the value pz_replock check blocks = no and click Run.

Reboot is not required.

This feature will place an incremental load on the cloud node for each active user. Enabling this feature on a trial basis with your end users is recommended to ensure an acceptable end user experience.