What is Panzura Smart Cache?

Smart Cache reserves a percentage of local storage to intelligently track hot, warm, and cold file block structures as they are accessed, dramatically increasing data availability and I/O performance.

The cache dramatically increases data availability and I/O performance, because file data‐blocks reads have a higher probability of being serviced from local disk than directly from external cloud storage.

The cache also increases overall data availability by masking variations in cloud availability. This allows the file system to continue serving I/O and cache‐resident data‐block reads even when the WAN link to the cloud storage slows or is unavailable, or if the cloud itself is down.

Cache policies govern what data is cached locally on the node. Panzura provides fine‐grained configuration control over caching through the use of policies, rules, and actions that result in improved performance and enhanced cloud storage availability for users.

When configuring cache policies, Panzura recommends using the auto cache action with prepopulate enabled. This ensures that files are available in disk cache for end users. Prepopulating makes the data available without forcing a reduction in cache.

Pinning allows an administrator to forcefully localize (pin) data in the cache within a node to provide guaranteed LAN speed performance. Because pinning consumes cache space, it should be considered only if needed for performance, with the trade‐off between performance and cache space kept in mind.