What is Panzura NAS?

NAS is the Panzura global cloud file system's active storage tier, consolidating unstructured data from multiple-site NAS storage into a fast, durable hybrid cloud storage platform.

Panzura NAS empowers organizations to eliminate islands of storage by consolidating their unstructured data to the cloud, while keeping active data cached close to users to deliver local-feeling performance.

Panzura NAS allows enterprises to store data in cloud object storage, after de-duplicating, compressing and encrypting it. That data is then stored as immutable objects, secured by read-only snapshots.  This allows granular file and folder recovery in the event of data loss or damage.

As new data is generated, it's synced to the cloud storage as new objects, with file pointers updated in real time to record which blocks are required to form files.

Panzura NAS can replace local NAS storage at all locations, as well as your entire backup and archive infrastructure with a solution that delivers data durability and resilience without requiring you to replicate it for backup and disaster recovery.