What is Panzura Collaboration?

Collaboration is the Panzura global cloud file system's premium data tier, allowing real-time collaboration on files across the enterprise.

Collaboration includes all the storage optimization and data durability features of Panzura NAS, with the addition of automatic, real-time file locking across the entire file system.

With Collaboration, the application's file locking protocol is honored, so active files can only ever be open for editing by one user at a time.

Where the application supports byte-range or element locking eg Microsoft Excel and Autodesk Revit, Panzura allows multiple users to work on the same file, while locking the elements they are working on.

Panzura is the only hybrid cloud file system to deliver immediate file consistency across the entire file network, regardless of the number of sites or their location. Coupled with local-feeling file performance, Collaboration delivers the speed and functionality of a single-site NAS, spanning multiple sites.