What is Panzura Cloud Mirroring?

Cloud Mirroring delivers an air-gap solution between cloud providers, a full backup beyond single cloud replication, auto failover and immediate consistency in case of cloud failure.

Panzura cloud mirroring offers the unique ability to write data to two separate, unrelated object stores in real time – a primary and secondary store. These may be either two different cloud regions offered by the same cloud provider, two separate cloud providers, or a mixture of on-premises and public cloud.

The resulting data sets are identical, and are updated simultaneously with any new and changed data for immediate data consistency.

During normal operation, an organization writes new and changed data to both stores in real time, but reads data only from the primary store. 


In the event of a cloud storage outage, CloudFS automatically fails over to the secondary store, with little to no disruption in service to users or processes.


It reads from and writes to the secondary store until the outage is resolved, and then automatically switches back to the primary store once it's operational. Any data generated while the primary store was unavailable is then synced to it, from every location in the file system.



Additional information and use cases are available in the Cloud Mirroring for Business Continuity whitepaper.