What High Availability Configuration Options Does Panzura Offer?

The Panzura High Availability solution consists of the following configuration options:

  • HA Local: An active node is protected by a dedicated standby. When the active node fails, the passive standby assumes its identity and takes over operations. The takeover operation can be automatic or manual. HA Local is similar to the methods used by legacy enterprise storage product. In this configuration, an active node is protected by a dedicated, passive standby. When the active node fails, the standby takes over ownership of the file system and the node operations. The following HA Local options are supported: 
    • Local: The active and standby nodes have different hostnames and IP addresses. 
    • Local with shared address: The active node and passive standby have an additional shared hostname and IP address, which simplifies the takeover process. This is required for Auto Failover. (Maximum length of the shared hostname is 15 characters.) 
  • HA Global: One or more nodes are protected by one or more shared standbys, which can be separated geographically from the nodes they protect. 

Auto Failover 

HA Local can be configured for Auto Failover. Auto Failover enables either of the nodes in an active-standby pair that have a shared virtual IP (VIP) address to automatically perform a failover. 

In an Auto Failover configuration, both the active and standby nodes regularly exchange health and status information. The nodes regularly exchange status information in two ways: 

  • Directly over a peer-to-peer connection (SSH) 
  • Post status information to the cloud in state files