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System Reset and Cleanup

To reset and clean up the system, take snapshots, or recover using snapshots, navigate to the following page:

Maintenance > System Reset and Cleanup


Please contact Panzura Support before performing any of the operations in this section.


Option Description
Restore Filer from Cloud

Restores the file system on this filer with the file system in the cloud storage. The filer reboots and then recovers the metadata from the cloud storage backend.

You can choose to recover to the most current state of the file system, or to recover to the state of the file system as captured in a specific snapshot. See Snapshot Settings for snapshot names.

When a filer is prepared for disaster (by following the disaster recovery procedure), the screenshot is displayed on the filer. If the intention is to restore the local file system from the cloud backend, then the restore local file system action should be performed only when the following message is displayed. If the message is not displayed on a new filer that has been configured for disaster recovery, contact Panzura Support before proceeding.

Delete Filesystem and Clear Stats Stops all read/write operations on the filer, purges all data from the filer, and clears all reporting statistics. The system reboots, stopping all read-write operations.
Reset to Factory Defaults Resets all system values to factory defaults. Stops all read/write operations on the filer, purges all data from the filer, clears all reporting statistics, deletes the configuration information, and resets the system to factory defaults.
Repurpose Filer Makes the filer available for other uses after it has been removed from a high availability configuration. This process removes the cloud filer ID (CCID). After clicking the button to repurpose the filer, contact Panzura support for a new license to operate the filer.