Setting up Snapshots

This section will help you configure the timing of your Panzura snapshots

Panzura recommends using the default snapshot schedule. If your environment requires a different schedule, read this section prior to making changes.

To determine an optimum snapshot schedule, it is necessary to consider the needs of your environment.

All snapshots consume a small amount of storage space. It is important to balance the need for snapshots with the total amount of storage consumed by snapshots to ensure proper operation for end users. In extreme cases when these two factors are not balanced, end users will experience reduced system performance.

Panzura snapshots are among the most space efficient available and consume a minimal amount of space. The size of a snapshot is a function of two factors: the rate at which end users create or change files, and the total size of all file changes.

Panzura cloud nodes can be deployed in a wide range of use cases and configurations. For the cross‐site collaboration use case, the snapshot schedule of a node can affect other nodes within the same CloudFS.

This is due to the metadata associated with each snapshot being shared across all nodes.

If the total space of the snapshot metadata on a node is large, it can affect the amount of available disk cache on other nodes, the result being an increase in the eviction rate of cached user data on the other nodes. To guard against this, some storage space was set aside for this purpose when the size of the nodes was assessed.

Panzura recommends starting with the default snapshot schedule provided below. It is defined to accommodate a wide range of file recovery needs and reflects common best practices. Modify this schedule to meet the unique needs of your environment if needed.

To be able to use the Windows Previous Version capability, Panzura suggests a snapshot schedule with 1,000 ‐ 2,000 snapshots. If you have business reasons for needing to maintain hourly snapshots over an extended period of time, Panzura recommends that you use the ~snapshot directory to recover files instead. Contact Panzura to confirm that your node has sufficient PRC for end‐user data and the large number of snapshots.

Use the smb‐add‐gcfg pz_allow browse snapshots=yes maintenance command to allow browsing of the ~snapshot directory for each share. For more information, see smb‐add_gcfg in Diagnostic Tools.

The snapshot schedule provides the ability to define the number of snapshots to retain. For example, the schedule below specifies the most current 24 hourly snapshots be retained. When a new hourly snapshot is taken, the oldest hourly snapshot is removed.

When a new snapshot schedule is enabled, periodically check the disk cache utilization of all nodes within the same CloudFS to ensure there are no negative effects. Should any occur, modify the schedule or contact Panzura Support.

Snapshot Settings

The snapshot settings have the following default values. The settings are described in detail in the table below.

  • Number of Yearly snapshots to keep: 1
  • Number of Monthly snapshots to keep: 11
  • Number of Weekly snapshots to keep: 3
  • Number of Daily snapshots to keep: 6
  • Number of Hourly snapshots to keep: 24

Panzura cloud nodes are capable of 10K snapshots when deployed with the cross‐site collaboration feature disabled. The node must be properly sized to ensure sufficient space is available for both snapshots and end‐user activity.

After setting values, click Save.

Snapshot Setting Description
node Snapshot Settings
Enabled Scheduled Snapshots

Select to enable the snapshot feature.

# of Yearly Snapshots To Keep Enter the number of yearly snapshots to keep (default 1).
# of Monthly Snapshots To Keep Enter the number of monthly snapshots to keep (default 11).
# of Weekly Snapshots To Keep Enter the number of weekly snapshots to keep (default 3).
# of Nightly Snapshots To Keep Enter the number of nightly snapshots to keep (default 6).
# of Hourly Snapshots To Keep

Enter the total number of hourly snapshots to keep (default 24) and use the hourly checkboxes to specify a schedule. The system saves snapshots according to the schedule up to the total specified number of snapshots.

For example, if you specify 20 for the number of hourly snapshots to keep and select 4 times from the hourly snapshot schedule, then the system saves 5 snapshots taken at each time, for a total of 4 x 5 = 20.

Limit hourly Snaphots Use this option to reduce the number of hourly snapshots. Click Add and deselect the hours to skip when taking snapshots. Click Select to save the settings.
Snapshot Manager
Create Snapshot Enter the snapshot name and click Create. Click Delete for a snapshot to remove it.