Data Services 2.3.0

Panzura is pleased to announce the release of Data Services 2.3.0, featuring CloudFS Management, an all-new Alert Module and our introduction of Auto-Enabled Support Assistance.

Release Date May 16, 2022

What's New

Panzura CloudFS Management

Panzura Data Services CloudFS management capabilities take another step forward with the inclusion of Global High Availability and local High Availability nodes in the consolidated Inventory Management List. 

This update gives administrators a single view of their entire CloudFS deployment(s), along with all associated nodes, now including high availability nodes, noting the master node they are paired with.

The real-time status of all nodes is displayed.  This is particularly useful for administrators during a high availability take-over process, allowing the health and connection status of every node to be monitored in real-time.

Alert Module

With this release, Panzura Data Services has upgraded to a new Alert Module. This module increases alert delivery capacity and speed for all critical alerts, in preparation for alerts around behavior indicating possible ransomware attacks.

Auto-Enabled Support Assistance

With this update, the Support Assistance utility will be automatically set to “On” for all new Data Services accounts created after this update (2.3.0). This feature allows our Panzura Support team to securely access a customer's account upon request, in order to provide expedited support as required. Administrators have the ability to switch the Auto-Enabled Support Assistance utility off at any time, with immediate effect.