Data Services 1.7.8

Panzura Data Services (was 1.7.8 includes improvements and bug fixes.

  1. Enhancing the search capability for snapshots and ElasticSearch.
  2. Providing better visibility into snapshots by proving categorization for them.
  3. Improving the data ingestion processes. 
  4. Enhancing the speed of downloads for upgrade packages. 
  5. Enhancing the load time and responsiveness of Freedom Pulse. 
  6. Fixing the bugs for fully capturing the Audit logs, enabling exports, and correctly reflecting users’ actions. 
  7. Fixing the bug in order to retain logs after being processed. 
  8. Fixing bugs for allowing access to Snapshot Insight dashboard after the expiration of File Audit license.
  9. Fixing typos 🙈 and configuration for Alert Settings.