Data Services 1.7.12

This Data Services release includes one new feature, four enhancements, and four fixes.

🆕 Feature

Snapshots Only is a new search filter for the Recovery & Clone service. It enables users to filter out the search results to include only the items with available snapshots, so users can recover them to their previous versions through those snapshots. This filter is on by default. It's compatible with all versions of CloudFS.

Fixes and Enhancements 🛠️

  1. Enhanced the Scheduled Reports of the Alert Settings, to represent UTC time.
  2. Enhanced Recovery & Clone to support multiple email addresses for its notification option.
  3. Enhanced the Advanced Filter of the Global Search to include the Snapshot Inclusion option. 
  4. Improved the speed for Freedom Pulse. 
  5. Fixed the report format of the Scheduled Reports.
  6. Fixed presentation of the creation dates for files in Global Search.
  7. Improved handling of searches for targets with long paths. 
  8. Fixed the process of deleting indices for deregistered filers.