Data Services 1.7.11

Panzura Data Services 1.7.11 includes 3 useful new features in Freedom Pulse.

Date of Release: 4/21/2021

New Features 🔥

Each of these features is compatible with all versions of CloudFS.

Active Users – total number of users currently active (with live SMB connections to nodes) in a cluster – has been added to the Freedom Pulse overview page, and appears at the top of the page. This total-per-cluster number is in addition to the historical and per-node breakdown of active users available in the Freedom Pulse system view.

Two new charts for Cache Hit Ratio are now available in Freedom Pulse, and show the ratio of Cache Hits over the sum of Cache Hits and Cache Misses. This illustrates the percentage of data locally available and rapidly accessible on Panzura nodes, versus data that must be downloaded from the cloud.

These charts are as follows:
    • On the Overview, the “Lowest nodes - Cache Hit Ratio” chart shows the Cache Hit Ratio for the nodes with the lowest ratio. A low ratio shows these nodes are having to download more data from the cloud, which could indicate a systems operation problem that requires investigation.
    • On the Storage view, the “Cache Hit Ratio” chart is provided besides the already existing “Cache Hit” and “Cache Missed” charts (both measured in Byte size) for better comparison and usability.  This chart also allows Cache Hit Ratio to be graphed over selected time periods.

Improvements 🛠️

  • File Audit search performance over large data sets has been improved, as has the performance of the File Audit export process.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Corrected issue causing intermittent file audit result errors for one customer.
  • Fixed issue using Global Search Date Range filter. 
  • Corrected display location of file name, for renamed files in File Audit details section.
  • Corrected index error encountered in the scanning process of some nodes.