Panzura is pleased to announce the general availability release of CloudFS

This release provides users strategic access to data and applications through Panzura’s introduction of Mixed Mode for CloudFS. CloudFS 8.2 also provides additional audit log options for administrators, as well as vastly reducing audit configuration. 

Release Date Jun 30, 2022

What's New

Mixed Mode 

Panzura’s new Mixed Mode feature allows unified access to data and applications on file shares through both SMB (server message block) and NFS (network file system) protocols. For example, when a file is updated within an SMB server, those leveraging an NFS connection are left without any visibility into those updates and vice versa. Mixed Mode allows users with file shares and storage via both types of connections to access, share and update the same data, eliminating redundant workflows and data silos, and facilitating more efficient and productive collaboration.

A guide to configuring Mixed Mode can be found here.

Audit Configuration Flexibility

Panzura’s Audit Configuration removes the need for administrators to apply AS-Audit and AS-Varonis licenses. We are pleased to announce this functionality is now freely available and configured via its own Audit Configuration section within CloudFS. Additional functionality allows Audit Configuration settings to be entered on the Master node and propagated to Subordinates, however these also remain configurable locally on each subordinate if necessary. In addition, Audit settings can be configured separately for Panzura Data Services, Syslog, and our third party partners (such as Varonis).

A guide to configuring audit options for CloudFS can be found here.

Oracle Object Store

To continue our dedicated approach of working with industry leaders in the space of hybrid multi-cloud data management, Panzura is pleased to announce its partnership with Oracle Object Store. This relationship addresses growing customer needs for availability in the Oracle cloud space, as well as providing a streamlined coordination of benefits that Panzura partnered with Oracle provides.

FIPS Recertification

Panzura is delighted to announce our CloudFS FIPS 140-2 recertification by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This certification is required to implement and integrate Panzura’s technology within federal departments and agencies. Panzura’s certification is valid until December 2, 2023, and the FIPS 140-2 compliance applies to all customer environments running CloudFS 8.2 and beyond. Details on the recertification can be found here.


We’re always listening to our customers. Here is our comprehensive list of items that have been reported and fixed.

Issue #

What We’ve Fixed


Fixed an issue where the controller became unresponsive (hung mode) while executing "mv" command.


Fixed the error: snmpdwrap during filer reboot.


Fixed the issue of the audit log not showing username or login name.


Fixed issue where ocsp-dir '/var/run' was not writable for the configured user.


Addressed issue where /mnt reached 74%.


Corrected issue where the filer is in secondary mode.


Updated pz_cloud_data_delete to remove serialization to a peer node.


Fixed an issue where zio retry logic experienced filer crash due to accessing missing data drives.


Fixed an issue of zfsvfs_create() missing dmu_objset_disown() call on an error case.


Addressed lower replock fetching five meta drives to four to reduce disk I/Os.


Resolved an issue where the Network Throughput chart is sometimes not available.


Corrected an issue where two users were unable to save file. 


Resolved SNMP - HighMemoryUsage current_alarm_value: 93.


Corrected issue of multiple kernel crashes on filer running on


Corrected issue where getFilerAvailability API was not responding.


Added configuration for the recv timeout. Additionally, treated the timeout as non-fatal the same way that a tmd_cancel() behavior would if the socket timed out.


Corrected pz_set_snaplist_refcounts() to dmu_objset_rele() before pz_snap_dec_refcount().


Updated to subtract reserved from free space of local and data.


Reduced logging snapshot by destroying busy error.


Corrected an issue where the Samba process was restarting.


Addressed an issue where kernel: pz_cache_block_data: transaction assignment failed.


Fixed an issue affecting MMC open file display on Windows client.


Fixed an issue where nodes stuck on boot in secondary mode were unable to update NTP.


Updated pz_spa_dirty_dva() when local cloud not initialized yet.


Corrected an issue where .bsdsort files were filling up root.


Updated the pz_cloud_run_ddt_check in order to check for dp_cloud_ready and cleanup datakey-<xxx>.rd file.