CloudFS Release Summary

Panzura is pleased to announce the general availability release of CloudFS

This major release delivers streamlined efficiency through use of Cloud Mirroring and Panzura’s introduction of Hyper-V, which provides robust virtualization of computing resources.

Release Date 28 January, 2022

What's New

Cloud Mirroring

In order to meet our customers’ increasing demand regarding data compliance and governance, as well as the need to maintain business continuity, Panzura has included hardened Cloud Mirroring in its CloudFS release.

Cloud Mirroring delivers an air-gap solution between cloud providers, a full backup beyond single cloud replication, auto failover and immediate consistency in case of cloud failure. This allows our customers to maintain business continuity across infrastructure failures.


Because our industry is constantly evolving, we understand our customers are always looking for more efficient ways to streamline business operations. Virtualization of computing resources has been a game-changing technology in this regard.

To deliver on our efforts to meet our customers’ needs, we are excited to introduce support for Hyper-V with this release. Hyper-V has become a leader in virtualization for many in the market, especially as an on-prem companion to Microsoft's Azure VM.

Mass File Restoration 

Data has become the currency of modern business. It is the most valuable commodity - representing both intellectual property as well as insight into unique values of the business via both business processes and client activity. As this value increases, the desire to extract value by acquiring that data by any means necessary, including nefarious means, has increased in kind.

Panzura’s implementation of Self-Service Mass File Restoration makes it easier to restore data en masse, when files and directories have been encrypted, corrupted or deleted. Together with Panzura’s immutable data, this expedites our customers’ ability to recover files damaged by any means, in less time. 


ACL Tool and API Performance Improvements

We have made significant improvements in our ACL tool and API performance to stay ahead of our customers’ growing levels and management of data.

Syslog Encryption over TLS

To allow our customers to control security options and enforcement for their infrastructure, we now allow customers to enforce the encryption of syslog for export.

SMB v3 Encryption Option

Customers now have the option of enabling or disabling encryption for SMB version 3.0.

Plant 3D Consistency Settings 

We now provide consistency settings support for Plant 3D AutoCAD file types.

Python Upgrade to v3.8

In order to remain current with industry-standard processes and software, we have upgraded our Python tool to version 3.8. 

FreeBSD Upgrade to v12.2

To continue our commitment to providing customers with updated tools, we have upgraded our FreeBSD version to 12.2.

Samba Upgrade to 4.11

We have delivered a complete rebase of Samba on the version 4.11 update for this release.


For a complete list of items that have been fixed in CloudFS, please log in to your Panzura Service Hub account.