We packed a lot into Panzura CloudFS, which is Early Availability. Here's the list.

What's new 💥

AWS Goodness

We've added encryption upon encryption with AWS KMS support.  AWS Key Managed Service provides a highly available key storage, management, and auditing solution for AWS users to encrypt data within their own applications and control the encryption of stored data across AWS services.

Now, AWS customers can do that using Panzura’s License Manager and Filer Setup Wizard.

AWS Customer Master Keys are now easier to control, because we've added IAM Policy Feature for AWS customers. You'll find it in Configurations > Installed License Manager > CSP > Amazon.

You've been asking, and now, we support proxy connections for external communications with AWS S3. Find it under Configuration > Network Settings > Advanced.

For those using Amazon EC2 for secure and resizable compute capacity, we've made it easy for you to get started with support for native automated EC2 CloudFS deployment, including forcing the display of the pre-requisites you wish you'd known about before you kicked your deployment off.

Making Life Easier for our Support Team

When you're restoring data, you don't necessarily want to overwrite. So, we changed the default behavior for fs_ddcopy Copy and Restore options to restore without overwrite. That'll prevent accidental data loss but don't worry, you can still force an overwrite in your target destination using -f option.

  • Enhanced NIC teaming settings for more strict enforcement by default.
  • Improved memory allocation to prevent non required reboot condition.
  • Improved Site-to-site latency Alert behavior for decommissioned filers.
  • Improved the issue where performing decommission on command line removes existing decommissioned Filer entries.
  • Enhanced filesystem import workflow
  • Enhanced kernel stability for the filesystem scrub / resilver process.
  • Improved script to better handle takeover situations.
  • Enhanced Alerting and Notifications to ensure options for adding disk does not impact performance.
  • Improved script to allow users to perform clear content on FD-67xx from WebUI.
  • Improvement of the Winbindd Filesystem Logs.
  • Users can access OU Specification during Domain Join.
  • Enhancement to unlink error files for improved alerting.

    Bug fixes 🐜

    Samba was slowing down system performances while opening shares via shared hostname, and that's never good. We made Samba behave itself, and added some logging improvements so you could see what was going on, without affecting your system stability.
  • Stricter character inclusion rules for user data field names.
  • Enhanced RabbitMQ User management for improved stability.
  • Cloud Mirroring Improvements with master snapshot tracking, snapshots, and performance.