Panzura CloudFS Version has landed and it's out for General Availability. It's a recommended (but not mandatory) upgrade for all Panzura customers.

What's new 💥

For those using AWS GovCloud as their cloud storage, Panzura now supports AWS Key Management Service to control the encryption of your data across AWS GovCloud as well as AWS public cloud.

We already move primary user data in and out of the cloud faster than anyone else. In this release, we've added extra acceleration by hooking into AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration to turbo-charge your data transfers. Turn it on in your AWS S3 Console, and it'll just work with Panzura.

Bug fixes 🐜

Server Message Block (SMB) sessions suck up server resources and if multiple null sessions are established, SMB services can just give up and require a session restart.  That's unhelpful, so we fixed it for Panzura customers. It shouldn't trouble you again.