The following list covers all enhancements and changes in Panzura CloudFS Version

  • Fixed the issue to display the snapshot status properly CC-15941
  • Resolved an issue where a synchronization snapshot between filers could stop on a single snapshot - fix will now reprocess CC-18618
  • Fixed the issue in kernel by using async callback CC-19600
  • Fixed the diagnostic tools issue to allow AD Group with spacing CC-18563
  • Updated the installation wizard to allow for subordinate and HA filers to be configured with different subdomains other than the Master CC-19933
  • Fixed the display issue in the WebUI CC-20689
  • Fixed the issue that caused an SQL backup to Panzura share to fail. CC-21883
  • Resolved the issue where throttling was not aggressive enough to prevent local cache from being overrun. CC-22611
  • Enhanced additional diagnostic code for the kernel assertion CC-22839
  • Fixed the issue to fill up the /mnt directory due to secure erase report CC-23526
  • Introduced a new option to allow to browse through the snapshots CC-23677
  • Fixed the SAMBA/winbindd issue CC-24372
  • Fixed the Kernel bug causing a crash CC-25464
  • Fixed the issue where we received a very high CPU usage with the SMB processes CC-27469
  • Fixed the vulnerability that caused based OS and SSH version to display via ncat CC-27818
  • Enhanced the SAMBA logic to reduce the use of CPU resource CC-30692 Fixed a GRW issue that caused the system to hang CC-31305 Fixed the bug in the DNS host lookup CC-31642 Resolved the issue where the Filer locked up after cifsd crashed