The following list covers all enhancements and changes in Panzura CloudFS Version

  • Resolved an issue where the Network Throughput graph in the dashboard displayed incorrect throughput units.
  • Resolved an “Access is denied” issue when attempting to copy files to Panzura share due to incorrect access privileges.
  • Resolved an issue where domain overload due to too many authentication services running results in periodic prompts for AD credentials by lowering the “winbind max domain connections to 5 as the default. (In previous 7.0.x release it was 10). Customers can modify the value by using “smb-add-gcfg” command.
  • Due to Share level permissions some users are unable to rename or delete files in Samba 4.5. This is due to changes in how Samba 4.5. checked for delete rights on an object. This issue was resolved by returning this behavior to how it is handled in Samba 3.6 as it better matches Windows behavior.
  • Updated the Panzura CloudFS Administration Guide to describe how subordinates acquire passwords from the master.
  • Removed an alternative administrative interface for managing CloudFS