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Cloud Block Store 2.5

Cloud Block Store 2.5 with Auto-Scale is now generally available.

What's New 💥


Cloud Block Store now supports auto-scaling. No more managing load or resources to meet application needs - Cloud Block Store does the work for you. Cloud Block Store watches your incoming workloads and adjusts the environment to ensure your clients and applications get the data they need - to provide you with the results and analytics you need. 


Cloud Block Store now supports IBM, in addition to Google Cloud.

Here are the details


Issue# Here's What We've Done
3251 Add support for new storage vendor - IBM
3349 Prevent users from deleting a volume before all snapshots are removed. Users are now required to remove all snapshots before removing volume. 
3671 Improved network performance through optimization of epoll wait timeout
3702 Improve Random Read / Write performance with 4K block size
3867 Corrected formatting of results table
3876 Resolved returning of incorrect error code when setting with invalid namespace/AppName/StorageClass/Vset