Recommendations and Things to be Aware Of

The following table provides information about recommended actions or settings:

Description and Workaround
When using NIC teaming, we recommend verifying that settings on the switch match settings on CloudFS, especially on upgrades. From version onwards, the underlying FreeBSD 12 strictly enforces NIC teaming settings whereas previous FreeBSD OS releases do not necessarily do so.

Memory utilization up to 95% is common and expected because the underlying operating system uses this memory to provide the best possible performance.

Thus, we recommend setting the High Memory Alert threshold to 95% to avoid unnecessary alerts.

Creating Subordinate / HA Local with different DNS Domain creates incorrect entry in CloudFS
If you use the same object store endpoint for both CSP and CMP, only aggregated cloud network traffic can be measured.

Revit Performance Note: If you are experiencing performance degradation with Revit application, disable read-only claim option in SMB.

1. Login to the node.

2. Select Maintenance > Diagnostic Tools.

3. In the Command Type field enter smb-add-gcfg.

4. In the Parameters field enter pz_replock roclaim enabled = no.

5. In the Command Type field enter Restart-smb-service.

Repeat this for each node in the CloudFS

6. The link speed reported by vmx interfaces on an ESX host is always 1.4gbps. If the physical links attached to the ESX host are significantly faster than this, it is possible for the throughput reported by SNMP polling to exceed the link speed reported. This may result in erroneous high bandwidth utilization reports at the SNMP management station.