Panzura Mobile Compatibility and Support

This article provides information about support and minimum requirements for system hardware, software, and object stores.

Finding your Mobile version: Login to the admin account of Panzura’s WebUI and select Server Status from the menu at left. Both frontend and backend server versions are listed in this section.

Required Browser

Google Chrome version 59.03071 or above.

Marketplace Listings

Azure-Hosted VMs

Size vCPU Name Storage
Small D4S_v4 Standard SSD
Medium  D8S_v4 Standard SSD
Large  16 D16S_v4 Standard SSD

Consult Panzura Support for assistance with selecting the appropriate size for your environment.


AWS Panzura Mobile Server BYOL will be offered in the future. In the interim, please contact Panzura Support for instructions to gain access to the Mobile Server AMI.

AWS-hosted VMs

Below is a list of the recommended AWS Instance Types

Size Speed Name Storage
Small 1 Gbps A1.xlarge General Purpose (SSD)
Medium  2 Gbps A1.2xlarge General Purpose (SSD)
Large  4 Gbps A1.4xlarge General Purpose (SSD) 

Google Cloud

Panzura Mobile Server is not yet available to run in Google Cloud.