Notifications and Alerts - CloudFS and Earlier

This article covers the alerting system up to and including Panzura CloudFS

View Notifications and Alerts

For a quick view of current alerts, click the Alert icon in the upper right corner. Click an entry to view the alert details, or click See All to open the Notification tab.

Manage Notifications and Alerts

To open the Notifications tab, click Notification Center on the Home page or click See All in the notifications list (see previous section).

View Notifications and Alerts

The Alerts area lists current alerts and supports these options.

  • Search. Enter a search string to search the message text.
  • Sort. Do an ascending or descending sort by date, severity, or alert message.
  • Filters. Filter by date range, severity, or node. Click the dropdown menu for the type of filter and make your selection. The selected filters are shown below the sort and filter menus.

The icons to the left of each entry show severity of the alert with colors (green, yellow, red) and numbers (1 lowest to 10 highest). These are followed by the alert message and timestamp.

Click an entry to view additional details.

View Running Processes

Select Running Processes on the side menu to display a list of recently running processes.

  • Each entry indicates the status of the process (Running or Completed).
  • Click the trashcan icon to remove an entry.
  • Click an entry to view the details. You can also remove an entry from the details view.
  • Click Remove All Completed Processes to redisplay the list with only the running processes.