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Master Filer Operations

To manage passwords, generate a configuration file, or decommission a filer, navigate to the following page:

Maintenance > Master Filer Operations

These options are available on the Master Filer.

The following table describes the options.

Option Description
Change Password for Admin

Enter and confirm the new password for the administrative user, and click Save Password. Default is admin.

Change Password for Restricted Users Enter and confirm the new password for the user account, and click Save Password. Default is user.
Change the password for the disk drive locking

If you have a physical filer that was shipped with disk encryption enabled, use this setting to change the password for locking and unlocking disks.

Enter the current password (default is Panzura*08) and then enter and confirm a new password.

Generate Configuration File Causes the Master Filer to create a new configuration file that the Subordinate Filers can synchronize to.
Decommission Use this option on a master to initiate the decommissioning of a Subordinate Filer.
Active Cleanup Indicates if an active cleanup is underway following decommissioning.