How to recover the controller (HW) when there are no boot partitions available.

Filer is unable to boot and stuck at the following message, “No boot device available or Operating System detected. Please ensure a compatible bootable media is available” in IDRAC.

Also, No virtual drives available in Dell PERC.


Boot the controller using a USB pen drive. Please refer to :

Alternatively, the image can be loaded to the filer using IDRAC virtual media.

A. Please refer to the following Dell article to load the .iso image file as bootable virtual CD/DVD/ISO.

 B. If we are using the .img boot image, then it can be used as a virtual removable disk.

As mentioned in the above Dell article, connect to virtual media and then add the build as a virtual removable disk.

Set the next boot as Virtual floppy and reboot the filer from IDRAC.

After initiating reboot, the filer should attempt to boot from the Hard drive as below.

Once the filer is online, continue to follow the below article →

Once the procedure is complete, first make sure the next boot is set to ‘Normal Boot’ again. Then ‘disconnect the virtual media’ and the filer should reboot by itself. If not, then manually reboot the filer.

After reboot, the filer will come online without any licenses or configuration. Make sure the boot and swap partitions are consistent across the hard drives. (gpart show -l). In case of any discrepancies, consult with L3’s 

If partitions are good, then the filer is required to be reconfigured using the same filer details as earlier and apply the old licenses to the filer.

Once old licenses are added, we should get log messages about "this is an old file system, recovery required" and a prompt for recovery on the WebUI. For HA filers, recovery prompt won't be there, instead clear content will be initiated.

The filer is expected to start syncing with peer filers from this point. 

More details - 


  • Issues with booting via virtual media - HTML browser disconnects/timeout when bootup takes a long time and due to which virtual media gets unmapped.
  • Another issue with HTLM - it won't give read-write option when we map the virtual media and end up mapping it as read-only.
  • JAVA allows unchecking read-only options while mapping virtual media. But sometimes JAVA won't work and fails, the last option is to boot via USB that we did for TLC previously.