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How to Perform a Disk Expansion

Disk Expansion

In the Disk Expansion section of the WebUI, the table lists all the discovered and provisioned disks. A status line above the table indicates whether the status of all the disks is OK.

To discover and provision disks:

1. Discover - Once you have new disks added to your VM node, click this button to initiate a discovery.

When discovery is complete, the nodes that have been discovered but not provisioned are shown as Ready/Unconfigured in the State column.

2. Configure - This is to initiate the configuration process. Notice that now the disks are recognized but in an unconfigured state, requiring configuration and provisioning. This is a 2-step process, the disks have to be configured as HDD or SSD and then provisioned.

This will bring up the following pop-up dialog box

  • Select “SSD” for the disk type if you are adding virtual SSDs.
  • Select the default from the Group Type pull down as shown below
  • Select “SUBMIT

Once submitted, the following pop-up dialog box will appear.

3. Provision. Put the new drives into service. You cannot undo this process, so make sure that the configuration is correct.


The following dialog box appears to confirm provisioning the disk.

Once the disk is provisioned, you will get a confirmation popup like the one below:

When provisioning is complete, verify that the disks are now in the ONLINE state and ready for use.

4. To add more disks by following the steps from 1-3.