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How to get the SA connection logs for customers' audit purposes - Internal only

This procedure is used to retrieve SA connection logs which records all activities logging into the customers' filers via SA connections.


In the daily support, some customers may request Panzura to provide them with all commands/activities output in the specified time period for their specific filer for the audit. Please discuss with L3 or Team Lead or your manager before you provide the log to them.


  1. The aim filer must be connected to our SA.
  2. Please provide the time stamp range that you want the SA connection logs covered from.
  3. Please provide the Tech Support Engineer's name whose SA connection logs you want to collect. 

SA connection logs location

sa2.panzura.com: /opt/pixel8/connect-logs/panzura.example.com/support-id.epoch-timestamp.log


I.E. May I get the SA connection log for our filer 'panzura.example.com'; time stamp - Mar 15 22:00 - 23:00 PDT 2022; support engineer - Wei Wang

  1. Logon sa2.panzura.com

2. once you login in SA

$ cd /opt/pixel8/connect-logs/panzura.example.com

$ ls -atl wwang*.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 connector 800     2158 Mar 15 23:13 wwang.1647410028.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 connector 800     4347 Mar 15 22:50 wwang.1647409765.log

$ date -d@1647409765
Tue Mar 15 22:49:25 PDT 2022
$ date -d@1647410028
Tue Mar 15 22:53:48 PDT 2022

File wwang.1647410028.log and wwang.1647409765.log are the SA connection logs that the customer is looking for.

3. Please get approval from Julio before sending to customers.  
How to send the logs to Customer 

1. Copy the necessary files/logs to the home directory on SA2. 

Ex - cp jfrank.1647440964.log /mnt/local/home/jfrank

2. You may also use the WINSCP to download the files from SA server to local Machine 
3. Send it via email from HS if the file is < 25 MB size if it is big use a file-sharing tool (ex: Gdrive) to send the logs. Or if the Customer provides the file-sharing link to upload, please use that.