How to add a user to Backup Operators

1. ‘cifs-admin-user’ (CLI command)

The command adds a user to the local group “Backup Operators”, see this Microsoft information ( which talks about the Builtin Groups and how “Backup Operators” works. These local groups can be listed from MMC by connecting to the CC, opening “Local Users and Groups” and selecting “Groups”. The group members can be removed by viewing the properties of the group and selecting “Remove” then “Apply”. Groups can also be added in the same manner. As for a security risk, the users added to this group have a higher level of access and control for Shares as mentioned in the Microsoft documentation. Use of the command should be used with that in mind.

2. local-admin-add (and related, WUI diagnostics commands)

It should be mentioned that there is now the ability to do the same for the local Administrators group, which likewise can be done from MMC as mentioned for the “Backup Operators” group. I mention this, because there is greater visibility for these changes and they don’t have the higher level of privileges the “Backup Operator” group has. Here is a quote from the release notes:
“Commands added to WUI Maintenance->Diagnostics->Diagnostics Tools
Add any existing group to the Local Administrators group.

Delete a member of Local Administrators group. Deleting ‘Domain Admins’ is not permitted.

List members of Local Administrators group.

Changes are local and are not stored in Panzura configuration, or propagated to Subordinate controllers.”