How Does Panzura Handle Global Deduplication?

Organizations with multiple locations frequently have a high degree of duplication within their data, creating storage burdens far higher than they need to be.

Then, traditional approaches to backup and disaster recovery mandate that all this data should be replicated at least another 2 times, to create copies that can be restored if needed.

Panzura's granular approach to data deduplication is designed to minimize the amount of storage required as far as possible.

We deduplicate at the 128kb block level, when first ingesting data into a cloud store as well as when identifying changed data to sync to the cloud store. 

Scale Out Global Deduplication

Panzura CloudFS supports enhanced data deduplication within the global file system with high performance, scalability, and system‐wide efficiency. The deduplication data architecture and physical layout on disk is optimized for local and global write performance and data addressability.