Distributed CloudFS Settings

To view or assign CloudFSsettings, navigate to the following page in the node's WebUI:

Configuration > Distributed CloudFS

Use this page to view and configure settings for file storage into the cloud, provided that you have installed a cloud storage license. For information on adding a cloud storage license, see File Access Auditing Support for SMB and NFS Clients.

Deletion from or modification of a node could result in loss of data. For this reason, deletion and editing are not supported in the WebUI. Be careful when adding a node. If you enter incorrect information (or need to delete a node), you must work with Panzura Support to correct the information or perform the delete operation.

Collaborative Mesh Mode

For deployments with a CloudFS NAS license, the table also lists the collaborative mesh mode status (full mesh or hub & spoke). With full mesh, all nodes in the CloudFS can communicate directly with each other. With hub & spoke, the Master node is the hub, and all other nodes are spokes.

CloudFS Setting Options

The following table describes the network settings you can configure.

CloudFS Setting Description
Configure nodes in CloudFS
Configure nodes in CloudFS

Specify the list of nodes that are subordinate to this node. This option is configurable only on a node that is a master.

The table lists the hostname of the node, the domain name, and the HA mode (active or standby).

Click Add Cloud node to add a Subordinate node to the distributed node group.

  • Enter the hostname of the Subordinate node. The hostname must be an FQDN.
  • Enter the domain name. The domain name must be a valid DNS domain.
  • If you are configuring HA-Global, indicate whether this node will be an active or standby system. Set the mode to Active, unless you are configuring an HA standby node. See Encryption Settings for instructions on configuring a standby node.
  • Click Add.