Deploying CloudFS on an Amazon Machine Instance

Amazon Sizing Guidelines

This deployment requires CloudFS or greater

  • Your sales account representative provides the minimum sizing recommendation.
  • When you set up your node, refer to the sizing recommendations that your sales account representative provided.
  1. Search for Panzura in the AWS Marketplace.
  2. Click the Select button.
  3. Click the Continue button.
  4. Select an instance type and click the Next: Configure Instance Details button. Note: By default, m4.2xlarge is selected.
  5. From the Network drop-down menu, select your network type.
  6. From the Subnet drop-down menu, select your subnet.
  7. From the Auto-assign Public IP drop-down menu, select Enable.
  8. Click the Next: Add Storage button.
  9. Specify your storage device settings and click the Next: Add Tags button.
  10. (Optional) Add a tag and click the Next: Configure Security Group button.
  11. Specify your security settings and click the Review and Launch button.

    The Review Instance Launch page displays.
  12. Click the Launch button.
  13. Select your existing key pair or create a new key pair and click the Launch Instances button.
  14. Copy the Private IP address and paste it into a web browser.
  15. Upload the key pair from the download folder on your computer.
  16. Select Decrypt password > Show decrypted password.
  17. Copy the password in the Clear Text Password field.
  18. Click the NEXT button.
    The Panzura node login page displays.
  19. Enter your user name and password.
    Note: The user name is admin and the password is the password that you copied from the Clear Text field.
  20. Click the LOG IN button.
  21. Contact your authorized Panzura representative to deploy your Panzura node