How to Deploy the Freedom NAS File Analytics Plugin

To install a Panzura Freedom NAS plugin: 

  1. Go to “Manage Plugins” under “Management”
  2. Click “New Plugin”
  3. Go to “Panzura NAS Plugin” and click “Deploy it!”
  4. Copy the Plugin Activation Key.
  5. Log in to your Panzura Master Filer.
  6. Click Configuration > Monitoring > Panzura Data Service Settings.
  7. In the Hostname field, enter
  8. In the Data Services Activation Code field, paste the Plugin Activation Key that you copied to your clipboard.
  9. Click REGISTER. 
    A notification displays in the upper-right corner to inform you that the registration process has begun.
  10. Click License Manager > Installed License Modules.
  11. Select the AS-Audit check box and click EDIT. 
  12. In the SYSLOGHOST field, enter a dash -. 
  13. Leave the default values in the INCLUDE-FILES and EXCLUDE-FILES fields. 
  14. In the ACCESS field, enter close, create, delxattr, mkdir, open, read, remove, rmdir, rename, rlclaim, setattr, setxattr, write rlclaim. 
  15. Click DONE. 
  16. Navigate to your Panzura Data Service interface and click Next Step > Finish and View Plugins. 

The pairing process will now begin, and will take up to 10 minutes to complete. Note: After the pairing process completes, the Target field next to your Panzura Freedom NAS plug-in changes to the host name of your filer. At that point, the status displays as Running.