Panzura Data Services Dashboard

This guide explains the Panzura Data Services Dashboard, and the metrics and filer status displayed on it.

When you log in to Data Services, you'll land on the Dashboard.

It's designed to provide you with high level metrics on Data Services data intake, as well as an inventory of filers registered to Data Services, and their corresponding summary status and monitoring link. 

Dashboard: Metrics

The Data Services Dashboard provides users with the following three metrics:

  • Licensed vs Managed Storage which is a chart to show the Managed Capacity for which the Data Services license is acquired, versus the capacity of the data that Data Services is currently handling in for the account. Users can use the Refresh Usage Report button for the latest capacity use
  • Audit Records Indexed which is the number of the audit logs that the Data Services has received and indexed. Number of the audit logs are provided both per filer, and the total sum of the account for all its filers
  • Total Number of Records Indexed which shows the total number of metadata recorders, including files, folders and snapshots, which are ingested and indexed and available for the Global Search service

The following picture shows the Data Services Dashboard. The Dashboard's metrics are at the top, and the filer list is at the bottom.

Dashboard: Filer List

The Dashboard of the Data Services also presents users with an inventory of the filers and the summary of their operational status for a high level monitoring. This filers list, lists all the plugins for the filers which are registered on Data Service, and presents the following information for each of them:

  • Target: the filer's name
  • Version: which version of the Data Services plugin is installed on the filers
  • Freedom Version: which version of CloudFS is installed on the filer
  • Last Scan Time: which is the timestamp for the last time the filers have been scanned for metadata
  • Next Scan Time: which is the timestamp for the next scheduled metadata scanning the filers
  • Status: the operational status of the filers with regard to their communications with the Data Services. This field can represent the following two statuses:
  • Running: for when the communication between the Data Services and filers are  normal
  • Disconnected: for when there is no communication between the Data Services and filers
  • Scanning: which shows whether the filers are being scanned at the moment
  • Indexing: which shows whether the filers’ data are being indexed at the moment
  • Action: which presents the View buttons for the filers that take users to their Freedom Pulse pages