How to Connect NFS or SMB File Shares to Data Services

Follow these steps to connect NFS or SMB storage devices to Panzura Data Services

  1. Log in to your Panzura Data Services account
  2. Navigate to Account Management by clicking the blue Panzura icon at top right of your screen
  3. Click “Add Target” at upper right hand
  4. Select “Open NFS/SMB” and click “Deploy it!”
  5. Copy the Plugin Activation Key and click “Next” 
    Note: You need this activation key to configure the virtual machine that will you download in the next step. 
  6. Click "Download Virtual Machine" and click Next
    Note: The Virtual Machine must be deployed on ESX 6.0 or above

  7. Login  to your ESXi environment, and deploy the downloaded Virtual Machine on a machine with at least 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, and on the same network as your shares/exports
    1. Set the Panzura Data Services Hostname to
    2. Set the Indexer Plugin Name to a unique name to identify the plugin on the Panzura Data Services Platform
    3. Enter the Plugin Activation Key copied in Step 5 above
    4. Skip File System Plugin ID if you aren't replacing a plugin, otherwise, contact support
    5. Enter your environment's networking information, and power on the machine
  8. Click Next. The target SMB/NFS file share now shows in the Target List on your Data Services dashboard, with a status of Initializing.

  9. To complete configuration, click the Operations button to the right of the target, and select Configurations.
  10. Click Add Target and complete the following information in the popup box that appears:kb-dataservicesNFStarget
    1. Target Name (the name you'll use to identify this share)
    2. Set the target type  (either NFS or SMB)
    3. Domain (the domain name of the user) 
    4. Host/IP Address (the NFS/SMB server which exports the shares, FQDN or IP address)
    5. Path (the file system path to be mounted)
    6. Target Username (credentials for the authenticating with NFS/SMB server)
    7. Target Password (credentials for the authenticating with NFS/SMB server)
    8. Interval (the frequency at which the share should be scanned)
  11.  Click Add Target, and then Next Step. Check the information displayed, click Next Step and then Finish and View Plugin.

    Scanning of the share’s metadata now begins, and the share's status show as Scanning in the Target List, on the dashboard.

    Initial metadata ingestion may take several hours to complete, and thereafter the share will be scanned at the interval you have configured.