How to Connect CloudFS to Data Services

Follow these steps to connect CloudFS to Panzura Data Services

Only your CloudFS master node needs to be connected to Data Services; all additional nodes will automatically connect.

  1. Log in to your Panzura Data Services account
  2. Navigate to Account Management by clicking the blue Panzura icon at top right of your screen
  3. Click “Add Target” at upper right hand
  4. Select “CloudFS” and click “Deploy it!”
  5. Copy the plugin activation key and click Next
  6. Navigate to your Master CloudFS Node (in the CloudFS web interface) and log in using your credentials. To configure your CloudFS node, navigate to Configuration > Monitoring > Data Services Settings.
    1. Input into the Data Services Hostname Field.
    2. Paste your Plugin Activation Key into the Data Services Activation Code Field.
    3. Enable Connect the rest of the nodes in your CloudFS to Data Services.
    4. Click "REGISTER".
  7. Return to Data Services and click Next
  8. If you have purchased the Audit Tier, complete the audit configuration steps described and click Next
  9. Once you see "Congratulations, a connection has been established between Panzura Data Services and your CloudFS node", click Finish.