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System Operations

This article details how to manager master node snapshots, upgrade the node software, download log files and more

To monitor the Panzura node's system operations, navigate to the following page:

Maintenance > System Operations

Use the following options to manage Master node snapshots, upgrade the node software, download a log file for Panzura Support, or power off the node.

Option Description
Master active master snapshots

A master snapshot is a consistency point snapshot for the entire local file system on a node. By default, master snapshots are taken once per week. Because master snapshots can consume significant IO resources, Panzura provides the ability to modify the master snapshot schedule.

This section lists the existing active master snapshots, including the snapshot number that is assigned when the snapshot is taken, the time the snapshot was created, how long it took to complete, and the size of the snapshot file.

Generate Master Snapshot

Use this section to modify the schedule for the master snapshot.

Note: The exact time that the first snapshot occurs depends on the configured interval between snapshots. For example, if the interval is 15 minutes, the first snapshot will occur 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

To modify the schedule for a master snapshot:

  1. Select a day of the week and time from the drop-down lists.
  2. Select a recurrence interval (from 1-4 weeks).
  3. Choose one of the following actions:
    • Save to save the configuration and start the snapshot schedule.
    • Generate a Master Snapshot Now to order a snapshot on demand.

You can upgrade the node manually to a specific image or patch. New OS images and patches are available from Panzura support. For information on enabling automated updates, see the next entry in this table.

Select an option (Image or Patch), click Choose File, and select the file to upload. When the upload is complete, click Upgrade.

Reboot To reboot with an image, select the image and click Reboot.
Download Support Log If you generated a packet capture on the Maintenance > Diagnostics page, click Download Support Log to download and save a copy of the log file to your desktop (file name panzura.support). If requested, send this log file to Panzura Support. Click this button to save the capture and then click Save to save the file to your local system so you can send it to Panzura. See Diagnostic Tools for instructions on taking packet captures.
Power Off Halts the node and turns the power off.