Cloud Mirroring on the CloudFS UI Dashboard

After installation, you can view the Dashboard to see communication activity to the secondary object store.

Network Throughput Dashlet

The Network Throughput dashlet will show throughput between the node and the secondary object store:


Cloud Status Dashlet

The Cloud Status dashlet will show the status of the secondary object store, as well as upload and download communication stats:


Active Node Status Dashlet

The Active Node Status dashlet shows three new columns:


  1. Primary Status - The snapshot sync status of the primary cloud shows the number of snapshots generated by the CloudFS node and the number of snapshots uploaded to the Primary Cloud:
  2. Mirror Status - The snapshot sync status of the secondary cloud
    1. When a secondary object store is added to an existing cluster, it must synchronize data from the primary cloud and “catch up” to the primary cloud (this is called “Resilvering”). These statistics track the status of the resilvering process. When this field shows “Synced”, then the secondary object store has caught up to the primary object store and the initial synchronization is complete:
    2. After the two clouds are synchronized, Mirror Status then reflects the ongoing Sync Status of the secondary cloud:
  3. Master Snapshot Status - Difference between latest master snapshot in CMP and latest master snapshot in CSP. Hovering over the field will show the “Master Snapshot Status” for the node:Picture32