Cloud Bandwidth Limits

For each CloudFS node, you can configure independent bandwidth policies for both the primary cloud the secondary cloud. Default bandwidth limits for upload and download in megabits per second (Mbps) can be independently configured for both the primary and secondary cloud. The node will tune communication with the cloud based on configured values. More granular bandwidth limit policies can be configured for each cloud based on time periods, which allows restrictions to bandwidth consumption during specific periods. (For example, bandwidth limits for upload and download can be configured to impose different limits for workdays vs weekends.)

Navigate to Configuration > Network Settings > Cloud Bandwidth Limits, adjust bandwidth limits, and click “SAVE”:

If you have an existing primary object store and are now adding Cloud Mirroring, Panzura advises maintaining a higher bandwidth limit (especially during non-business hours) to allow for faster synchronization between the two object stores. Once the secondary object store has caught up (New Cloud Resilvering Status = Done), these limits can be reduced.