Recover and Clone Files with Panzura Data Services

Whether a file has been deleted or renamed, or your firm has been hit with a malware or ransomware attack, you can recover files, folders or complete file systems.

The recover and clone feature allows you to recover deleted data from snapshots as well as clone database backups. 

To recover or clone files: 

  1. Select Recovery and Clone from the menu at left
  2. Using the filters at left, select all that apply and click "Apply".  If necessary, use Specific Search to narrow your search results.
  3. With filtered results displayed, click the checkbox next to any file you wish to restore or clone.
  4. From the "Actions" dropdown menu that appears at top right, select "Recover and Clone"
  5. Enter a name for your task when prompted. This task will appear in your Scheduled Tasks section once submitted
  6. To recover your files to a different location, move the Recover to “Original Location?” toggle to the left and complete the Clone Path fields. Note: If you want to recover your files to a different location and you are not an admin, you must have NT ACL permissions. 

  7. To receive email notification of completion, move the "Send Email Notifications" toggle to the right

  8. Enter your email address when prompted

  9. If you are not recovering a file to its original location, check you have used the absolute path and click “Next”

  10. Review and confirm the restore operation details, click “Next” and the recover and clone process will begin.
  11. Upon completion, click “Finish”