Bringing Up a Node for the First Time

Power on the node and then access the setup wizard by navigating to the node's WebUI IP address, using any browser.

Static node IP Address Recommendation

Panzura recommends setting the node's IP address to a static IP address.

Node IP Address Assignment

The LAN ports on physical platform nodes are configured for DHCP by default. If a DHCP server is not available, the node uses the following default addresses:

  • Management (WebUI, CLI, API):
  • iDRAC interface:

VM platform nodes receive their IP settings from the VM host.

Finding the node IP Address

You will need to know the node's IP address in order to access the WebUI and start the setup wizard.

  • VM platforms: If your node is deployed on a virtual machine, obtain the assigned IP address from the management interface on your virtual machine host.
  • Physical platforms: For a physical node platform, you must connect to the console to obtain the address.

Use an Ethernet cable to connect a laptop PC to the iDRAC port on the node. Set the laptop IP address statically to the network. Point your browser to and log in to the console using the default credentials admin/admin.

The assigned IP address is displayed when you access the console.

  • Either static or DHCP address assignment is supported. However, for all node platforms, Panzura recommends using a static address.
  • Setup of a physical platform node's IP address requires either a direct Ethernet connection to the node (to the iDRAC port), or access to the IP subnet of the WebUI IP address. If you plan to change the IP addresses using the setup wizard, configure your laptop to join the subnet. The node's default WebUI and iDRAC addresses are in this subnet.
  • When you deploy an AMI or Azure node, a private IP address is required to access the node's setup wizard. This is because Secure Private Network Mode, which is enabled by default, blocks public IP access. After you disable Private Secure Network Mode from within the wizard, you can change to a public IP address.

Accessing the Setup Wizard

Only pertains to Panzura CloudFS7

After an IP address is assigned to the node, use the Chrome web browser (version 59.03071 or above) to navigate to the node's IP address to log onto the setup wizard.

See the Installation Guide for your Panzura node platform for detailed instructions.

After you complete the setup wizard, the browser redirects to the node's regular WebUI. You have the option to use another wizard (configuration wizard) within the regular WebUI. If preferred, you can perform configuration without the configuration wizard.

Configuration Wizard

Only pertains to Panzura CloudFS7

The configuration wizard manager opens when you click Continue with Optional Wizards at the end of the setup wizard. See the wizard's online help for details.