Introducing Snapshot Inclusion

Panzura Data Services' Global Search just got faster, and more precise, with the introduction of Snapshot Inclusion

Panzura Data Services allows you to ingest and query billions of files from your Panzura cloud file system, as well as other NFS and SMB file shares, such as NetApp and Isilon.

Data Services' Global Search searches your entire indexed data set from one dashboard, to find files in seconds, regardless of where they are stored.

Panzura takes snapshots of your Panzura file system at configurable intervals, and those snapshots are also indexed by Data Services.

From Data Services 1.7.10, you can choose whether to include snapshotted files in global file search.

Including them is beneficial when looking for a file that has been deleted, or to see the history of file modifications.  However, sheer volume can make it difficult to determine which files are in the current file system, if that's where you want to focus your search.

Here's how to include or exclude snapshots from global search.