Adding Multiple NFS export paths for same Host and File System

There could be a scenario where customer is looking to add more than one NFS export paths for same host and same filesystem.

If we try creating a new NFS export with the existing NFS export details (host and associated filesystem) but with different export path it will throw an error : "An entry already exist for filesystem /cloudfs/FS and hosts 192.168.xx.xx"

There is a limitation where specific host can have only one export for a specific Filesystem.

Adding multiple Exports for existing host and associated file system can be achieved by adding new export path under same NFS export with the space in between the export paths. (Refer to the screenshot below)

Login to WebUI , Navigate to Configuration -> NFS Setting -> NFS Export -> Select Export -> Click on Edit Export -> Exports tab -> Enter new export path after space.


In the below example,

data, nfstest and folder1 are 3 different folders under masterpz File System which can be mounted as 3 different exports from NFS client.

Here is how,

From the NFS client, /cloudfs/masterpz/data export path is already mounted to /var/test1 and we are able to view the folders and files present under /cloudfs/masterpz/data.

When attempted to mount 2nd export path /cloudfs/masterpz/nfstest to /var/test2 it got mounted successfully.

Similarly, we can mount multiple nfs exports for same filesystem on same host (NFS client).